The British Whybrary attempts to understand life using science as a process, history as evidence, technology as media and art as an inevitability. It is a life-project with no borders except its own insignificance.

I first compiled the list in my third year of university, collating all the scraps of paper I’d previously written interest-sounding things on when reading or talking to friends. Since then, it’s formed the backbone of all the projects I’ve been involved with, giving me a huge pool of knowledge to draw from when writing articles, planning holidays, teaching lessons, making music, buying things, and chatting rubbish.

I put items that I value into an imaginary library called the British Whybrary. Criteria for inclusion are currently:
1. Would showing this item to a child make me feel hopeful?
2. Is this item currently under-appreciated/misunderstood?
3. Would I feel comfortable justifying these decisions to anyone who asked?

I decided to make the project public because it gives me so much, and to ask for help. If you’d like to be involved with it, please e-mail.

About Me

My name is Guy Lochhead. I like writing, cycling and knowing what I’m looking at. I trained as a primary school teacher but am currently work as a note-taker at a university. I founded the Whybrary in 2013.

Eventually, I hope to also create a physical manifestation of the project – hopefully in the form of a mobile library/museum that I could take to different communities, giving them access to a sense of wonder, awe and understanding of our history through engaging workshops, artefacts and presentations. If you think you can help make that a reality, please send me an e-mail!